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Carton Epress LLC, Diverts 6,000,000 Pounds of Wax Carton From The Landfill

Carton Epress LLC, Diverts 6,000,000 Pounds of Wax Carton From The Landfill

For the past 12 years Carton Express has been providing carton solutions for growers, packing companies,

re-packers, brokers and carton manufacturers, alike.   Through agreements with local Packers, We are proud to be part of Zero Waste Management programs for three major packing companies in the Salinas and surrounding areas. We estimate that in the last three years alone, Carton Express was able to divert over 6,000,000 pounds (3000 tons) of wax carton from the landfill.  At a cost of $70.00 a ton, plus service fees we estimate that Carton Express saved local companies approximately $250,000.00

Our business model diverts wax carton to: Enviro-Log® (Enviro-Log is the largest waxed cardboard recycler in North America and the third largest producer of manufactured firelogs in the U.S. Its firelogs are made of 100 percent recycled materials), and also Mexico, where the carton is used as totes and not allowed to return by U.S. Customs, in each case Carton Express is helping to save thousands in landfill costs and reducing the environmental impact for many Growers, Shippers, Packers, Processors and Manufacturers.  

Carton Express can pick-up WAX CARTON at no cost within a 60-mile radius from Greenfield CA. Industries that can benefit from our services are listed below:

Box Manufacturers, Growers, Shippers, Packers, In Field Re-Packers.   We will pick up one pallet or 200 pallets

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