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City of Salinas

City of Salinas


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Salinas' earliest inhabitants were small tribes of Native Americans who were largely undisturbed during the Spanish era. It wasn't until Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1822 that outside settlers began to arrive in Salinas. Named for a nearby salt marsh, Salinas became the seat of Monterey County in 1872 and incorporated in 1874. In the mid-1800s, Salinas' agricultural industry began to grow. In 1867, several local businessmen laid-out a town plan and enticed the Southern Pacific Railroad to build its tracks through Salinas City. Agriculture continued as the area's major industry and by the end of World War I, the ''green gold'' growing in the fields helped make Salinas one of the wealthiest cities (per capita) in the United States. Today, ''The Salad Bowl of the World'' fuels a $2 billion agriculture industry which supplies 80% of the country's lettuce and artichokes, along with many other crops. In 1924 Salinas had the highest per capita income of any city in the United States. During the growing seasons of the Great Depression, the volume of telephone and telegraph transmissions originating in Salinas was greater than that of San Francisco. This activity was reflected in a burst of building construction, many employing the streamlined shapes and organic patterns of Art Deco or Art Moderne. Many examples remain, including the National Register-listed Monterey County Courthouse and the Salinas Californian newspaper building. Photographs of these and many other structures can be seen in the brochure: Salinas Art Deco and Moderne, a wealth of architecture.



Matt Pressey
Finance Dir

Anna Abriz
Neighborhood Coordinator

Jose Arreola
Community Safety Admin/Director

Jeanie B

Victor B
Urban Forestry division

Patricia Barajas
City Clerk

Tony Barrera

Lisa Brinton
Senior Planner

Cindy Burnham
Salinas Animal Services Manager

Chris Callihan
City Attorney

Steve Carrigan
City Manager

Jose Castaneda

Emmanuel Cauntay

Recreation Center

Mayor Kimbley Craig
Mayor of Salinas

Christie Cromeenes
Councilmember - Dist 5

Scott Davis
Councilmember Distr 1

Gloria De La Rosa
Councilmember - Dist 4

Joseph DeSante
Permit Center Manager & Building Official

Martha Flores

Gwen Foote

Adele Frese'
Police Chief

Marina Gallegos
Human Resources Officer

Brett Godown
Airport Manager

James Golden
Salinas Poet Laureate

James Goulart
Fire Inspector

Walter Grant
Senior Engineer

Courtney Grossman
Planning Manager/Planning Division

Don Gullion
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic Crew Supervisor

Miguel Gutierrez
Accounting Officer

Rosanna Herrera
Development Department

Tara Hullinger
Principal Planner at City of Salinas

Megan Hunter
Community Development Director

David Jacobs
Director of Public Works

Denise Ledezma
Permit Dept.

Salina Luna
Finance Department, Sr Accounting Clerk

Kristan Lundquist
Salinas Recreation Department

Beth Mariano
Deputy Finance

Carol McKibben

Steve McShane
Councilmember - Dist 3

Jill Miller
Permit Dept.

Sheila Molinari
Recreation Department/Sherwood Hall

Andy Myrick
Economic Development Manager

Sylvia Peres
Sr Code Enforcement

Jim Pia
Assistant City Manager

Firehouse Recreation Center

Don Reynolds
Project Manager

Mike Ricker
Sustainable City Programs

Adriana Robles
Permit Services/Senior Civil Engineer

Gerardo Rodriguez
Small Business Support Vista

Sophia Rome

Cary Siegfried
Library Director

Elizabeth Soto
Deputy City Clerk

John Villegas
Councilmember - Dist 6

Andrea Weaghington
Senior Accounting Clerk*

Crissy White
Rob's Assistant

Thomas Wiles
Senior Planner

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