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Ecology Action

Ecology Action


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Ecology Action, with headquarters in Santa Cruz, has led regional environmental initiatives since 1970. Our staff, located in six states, is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality and thriving social and economic health. Ecology Action’s expertise is in designing, demonstrating, and scaling resource-conserving solutions for individuals, communities, businesses, and government entities. Our Sustainable Transportation program works with individuals, employers, and government partners to make zero or low-emission transportation choices the new normal. Recognizing that purchasing a ZEV is one of the most effective choices an individual can make for reducing their carbon footprint, we have an active ZEV outreach and encouragement program, as well as expertise in charging infrastructure deployment. Ecology Action plans, implements, and evaluates best-in-class Ride and Drive events across the Monterey Bay and are in the process of installing our 251st charging station. Ecology Action helps Monterey Bay residents respond to climate change so people and planet can thrive. Our current Salinas focus is transportation justice. We’re excited to bust the myth that electric vehicles are only for the well-off! Our NEW Purchase Guidance Program provides person-to-person help to low-and moderate-income residents of under-served communities to access grants and rebates of up to $14,000 to buy or lease new or used EVs. Get Started: FREE EV Purchase Guidance.

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Electric Vehicle Purchase Guidance -  A step-by-step, person-to-person approach to help lower income individuals secure rebates and incentives of up to $14,000 on new and used electric vehicles.  



Sebastien Garbe
EV Program Specialist

Sherry Bryan
Electric Vehicle Manager

Amelia Conlen
Transportation Planner

Gino Garcia
Assistant Planner

Yajaira Garcia Meza
Transportation Justice Assistant

Danny Ordaz
Transportation Justice Coordinator

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