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AgroThrive liquid organic fertilizer manufacture takes high nutrient value organic waste, exposes it to all possible forms of digestion and ends the process with high temperature, followed by 100 mesh cold filtration making all products compatible with any irrigation system. AgroThrive is a liquid organic fertilizer manufacturer and supplier that has been in operation since 2006. The nutrient rich liquid organic fertilizers manufactured here at AgroThrive feed and protect plants by providing a wide array of macro and micro nutrients, plant beneficial microbes, and by feeding beneficial microbes already in soil. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Liquid compost of hard to handle organic materials. Thru PDP process becomes plant available fertilizer. Microbes colonize in and around plant BENEFIT: Increased root hairs, improved nutrient & moisture delivery. Plant beneficial microbes. Protects plant, less stress and disease. Faster growth and higher yields. ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: Diverts food industry waste from landfills, preventing methane gas production. 100% solar powered manufacturing. AgroThrive liquid organic fertilizers can be used for cuttings, foliar feedings, vegetation, flowers, hydroponics, greenhouse, soil and other media. Available in Bulk (Tote, T/L, and Rail car) and for the Home Gardener (2.5 gallon, 1 gallon, 64oz and 32oz)


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