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ALBA Celebrates Two Decades of Cultivating Success: A 20-Year Anniversary Milestone

ALBA Celebrates Two Decades of Cultivating Success: A 20-Year Anniversary Milestone

SALINAS, CA (Nov. 14, 2023) — ALBAa trailblazing nonprofit dedicated to fostering organic farming among limited-resource farmersproudly marks its 20th year of empowering aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs in the Salinas Valley, releasing a report Oct. 18 showcasing its accomplishments.


Impact Assessment Report Highlights:

As part of the 20-year celebration, ALBA has compiled an Impact Assessment Report showcasing its profound contributions. The report released in October summarizes findings from surveys completed by 181 farmer alumni, which represent nearly half of all alumni in ALBA’s first 20 years.


ALBA’s program offers aspiring farm owners low-cost access to education, farmland and equipment over 5 years, on its 100-acre farm incubator in the Salinas ValleyIn addition, farmers receive free on-site technical assistance from staff and partner organizations, giving theadequate time and support for their nascent farm businesses to take root and grow.


True to its mission to “create economic opportunity for limited-resource farmers,” the assessment focuses on concrete economic outcomes such as farm business success, career advancement and changes in income. Key findings include:


>Overall, 77 of 181 alumni surveyed are now operating their own farm business, which is 43% of those surveyed. 

>Mexican immigrants comprised 58% of respondents, of whom 56% are currently operating a farm business. At 16 acres, they have a larger average farm size than other demographic groups, and more than 60% rely on farming for the majority of household income. 

>U.S. born Latinos were the only other group that came close, with 37% operating farms of aaverage of 12 acres.

>Other respondent groups (e.g. Whites, and immigrants from 10 other countries) had both a lower farm ownership rate (17%) and average farm size (3 acres).

>Despite farming on relatively small plots, nearly 70% of independent Latino-owned farms surveyed are in the top quartile of American farms in terms of sales, and nearly 20% are in the top decile.

>Among those who returned to the workforce, nearly 60% have jobs strongly related to organic farming and food. 


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