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Paper Tacos® Partners with Vallarta Supermarkets to Bring Cultural Greeting Cards to Their Customers

Paper Tacos® Partners with Vallarta Supermarkets to Bring Cultural Greeting Cards to Their Customers

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SALINAS, CALIFORNIA - October 25th, 2023 - Paper Tacos®, the greeting card business that celebrates Mexican

culture through art, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Vallarta Supermarkets. Customers of Vallarta Supermarkets

will have the opportunity to purchase Paper Tacos® greeting

cards in all of their stores, expanding the reach and impact of these culturally rich cards.

Founded by artist Jesus Ruvalcaba, Paper Tacos® was born out of a desire to connect with the

Mexican-American community and fill a void in the market for greeting cards that truly resonate with the

Mexican heritage. Ruvalcaba's upbringing in Castroville, California, along with his artistic journey and

career in graphic design, inspired him to create a collection of cards that authentically represent the

Mexican-American experience.

"Vallarta Supermarkets is known for having fresh flowers with beautiful arrangements. We're excited to

partner with Paper Tacos to bring our customers unique, cultural greeting cards that will accompany a

beautiful bouquet for any occasion”, said Paige Venable, Floral Director of Vallarta Supermarkets.

What sets Paper Tacos® apart is its incorporation of traditional Mexican sayings and cultural references.

Phrases like "sana sana colita de rana" (heal, heal little frog) as a “get well” card and other beloved

expressions evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride. Each card is a work of art that captures the essence of

Mexican traditions, appealing to people from all backgrounds who appreciate the richness of diverse

cultures. While Paper Tacos' initial focus is on Mexican traditions, the brand is already expanding its

product offerings to include other Latin American cultures.

Partnering with Vallarta Supermarkets, a renowned destination for celebrating Mexican and Latin

American food, culture, and community, is a perfect fit for Paper Tacos®. With 52 stores across California,

Vallarta Supermarkets shares a commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences and

honoring the vibrant heritage of its customers. By offering Paper Tacos® greeting cards in their stores,

Vallarta Supermarkets aims to enhance the shopping experience and provide a product that reflects the

cultural identity of their diverse customer base.

Jesus Ruvalcaba, the artist behind Paper Tacos®, is grateful for the overwhelming support his cards have

received. Since their launch, sales have steadily grown, and the positive feedback from customers has

been inspiring. The partnership with Vallarta Supermarkets represents a significant milestone in

Ruvalcaba's journey, as he expands the availability of his artwork and brings joy to even more individuals

who connect with his unique product offering.

Through the power of social media, particularly Instagram (@paper_tacos), Paper Tacos® has gained a

devoted following that appreciates the fusion of art and culture found in its greeting cards. Ruvalcaba's

dream of sharing his artwork on a larger scale is becoming a reality, and the partnership with Vallarta

Supermarkets further solidifies the growing influence of Paper Tacos® in the cultural landscape.

Paper Tacos® and Vallarta Supermarkets are excited to embark on this collaboration and invite customers

to explore the vibrant world of cultural greeting cards at all Vallarta Supermarkets locations. To learn

more about Paper Tacos® and its extensive collection of cards, please visit

About Paper Tacos®

Paper Tacos® is a visionary greeting card business founded by artist Jesus Ruvalcaba. Inspired by his

Mexican-American upbringing, Ruvalcaba creates greeting cards that celebrate the cultural richness and

traditions of the Mexican-American community. Each card is a work of art that incorporates traditional

sayings and references, evoking a sense of nostalgia and connection. Paper Tacos® aims to bridge the gap

in the market for culturally relevant greeting cards and provide a means of celebration and connection

for individuals from all walks of life.

About Vallarta Supermarkets

For more than 35 years, Vallarta Supermarkets has been bringing families together over fresh and

authentic food. Vallarta Supermarkets’ mission is to serve the community with respect and pride,

providing authentic, traditional fresh products for the whole family. Vallarta Supermarkets celebrates the

food, culture, colors, and vibrant energy of Mexico and Latin America. As of 2023, Vallarta Supermarkets

has 53 stores throughout California (Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, San Diego,

Santa Barbara, Tulare, Orange, and Fresno counties), and more than 8,000 team members.

Media Contact:

Jesús Ruvalcaba

Owner / Creative Director 831.917.0829


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Media Contact : Jesús Ruvalcaba

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