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Unlocking Business Opportunities through Supplier Clearinghouse Certification and 3CE’s Vendor Registry

Unlocking Business Opportunities through Supplier Clearinghouse Certification and 3CE’s Vendor Registry

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Are you a local, small, or diverse business? Join Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) and guest speakers from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for a deep dive into opportunities to grow your business through Supplier Clearinghouse certification, 3CE's Vendor Registry, and 3CE’s commercial rebates and incentives.

We will be discussing:

  • The CPUC’s Supplier Diversity Program, why your business should get certified, and how your business can get certified
  • 3CE’s small and local business preference policy and how your business can sign up for our list of local vendors
  • 3CE’s energy programs for commercial customers, including the Electrify Your Ride, New Construction Electrification, and Ag Electrification programs

Register here to join us on Wednesday, July 24thth from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm.

What is the Supplier Clearinghouse?

“Women, minority, LGBT, persons with disabilities, and disabled veteran businesses are invited to join our supplier diversity program. The Supplier Clearinghouse certifies these firms and publishes a directory for use by participating utility companies and the public.”

What is 3CE’s Local Vendor Registry?

“3CE is committed to benefitting its service area by providing clean, renewable energy and also stimulating the local economy. One way 3CE does this is by sourcing small, local vendors to support our business efforts. This Vendor Registry allows 3CE to know what organizations and services are available. Vendors registered with 3CE will be contacted directly with business specific Requests for Proposals as they are applicable.”

Who can access 3CE’s commercial programs?

“Commercial customers enrolled in 3CE service related to a commercial, agricultural, non-profit, multi-family housing, or industrial entity as well as public agencies are eligible to apply.”

Want to learn more?

We will be taking your questions live and hope to see you there!


Please direct any questions to 3CE’s Customer Service Energy Advisors at 1-877-455-2223.

Customers who receive a bill from PG&E can email us at, and customers who receive a bill from Southern California Edison can email us at

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